The International Conference of Black-faced Spoonbill Conservation, 2002, Taiwan


Place: Taiwan Salt Industrial Corporation in Taiwan Science-based Industrial Park


Sponsors: Council of Agriculture (Executive Yuan, central government)

         Tainan County (local government)

Black-faced Spoonbill Conservation Association (BFSA), Tainan (NGO)


10/12  (Sat.)

0900-0930 signs in

0930-1000 Guests Speaking  (President of BFSA, Tainan - Chao-Lai Chen)

Introducer: Dr. H. B. King  (Forestry Research Institute, Taiwan)

1000-1140 1.Conservation and Measures of Success for Colonial-nesting Waterbirds in Galveston Bay Estuary –

      Dr. R. D. Slack (Texas A&M University, USA)

1140-1200 2.Introduction of Wintering BFS in Taiwan –

Film, Mr. Yuan-Ming Liu (Filmmaker, Taiwan)

1200-1300 Lunch Time

1300-1410 3.Management of Wildlife Reserves –

Dr. Kurtis Pei

(National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan)

1410-1510 4. GIS Analysis of Habitats Used by BFS –

Mr. Liang-Li Liu (Ph.D. candidate, Texas A&M Univ., USA)

1510-1530 Tea Time

1530-1700 5. Conservation through Ecotourism – Including Examples from Protected Coastal Habitats in South-East Queensland, Australia.-

 Dr. Terry Brown        

(School of Leisure Studies, Griffith University, Queensland , Australia)

Translator: Kelly S.C. Kok  (The Jane Goodall Institute, R.O.C.)

1700-1730 Discussion –

Dr. H. B. King   (Forestry Research Institute, Taiwan)

Translator: Kelly S.C. Kok  (The Jane Goodall Institute, R.O.C.)

10/13  (Sun.)

Introducer: Dr. Kurtis Pei

 (National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan)

0900-1030 6.Ecotourism for Conservation

Dr. Shleifenbaum 

(Toronto University, Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve, Canada)   Translator: Dr. Mei-Hwei Ho (Tainan Teacher College, Taiwan)

1030-1100 7. Ecotourism and BFS –

Dr. Chao-Chieh Chen (Aletheia University, Taiwan)

1100-1120 Tea Time

1120-1150 8.Coastal Environment Changes and the Protection of Black-faced Spoonbill Winter Habitat

Dr. Tsung-Yi Lin (Chinese Culture University, Taiwan)

1150-1210 Discussion –

Dr. Kurtis Pei 

(National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan)

Translator: Kelly S.C. Kok (The Jane Goodall Institute, R.O.C.)

1210-1330 Lunch Time

1330-1400 9.Education and Extention Programs about BFS for Elementary and High School Students –

Mr. Yuan-Chun Tsu

(Director of student life, Tainan Teacher College, Taiwan)

1400-1430 10.BFS Activities in Primary Roosting Site –

Mr. Cola Kou (Black-faced Spoonbill Conservation Association)

1430-1500 11.Training and Qualifying for Volunteers at Eco-educational Area-

            Mr. Collin Chen

 (Vice President, Black-faced Spoonbill Conservation Association)

1500-1630 Final Discussion – 

President of BFSA - Chao-Lai Chen (President of BFSA)

  Translator: Kelly S.C. Kok  (The Jane Goodall Institute, R.O.C.)

          All Speakers



Coordinator of the Conference

Liang-li Liu, Leo
Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences Department
Texas A&M University, College Station,
Texas 77843-2258, USA